Saturday, May 15, 2010

Steven Rehfeld

New Art By Steven Rehfeld
This week's feature is Bay Area artist Steven Rehfeld whose paintings explore the reliability of our perceptions in a world that is ever changing. His work is large and contains subtle detail and nuance, thus emphasizing the pleasure of viewing art in person. It's like the difference between hearing a live musical performance compared to a transistor radio.
Steven Rehfeld is a unique voice in contemporary art, borrowing the symbolism of Marc Chagall and the perspective of California Abstract Expressionists. Rehfeld explores the challenges of perceiving our reality with subject matter that dissolves in and out of existence. With the use of thinly applied washes, Rehfeld composes still-lifes that straddle the worlds of realism and abstraction. The table in Purple Rose is both here and not here: solidly composed and dissolving into the ether of white space. The trees in the upper background highlight Rehfeld's changing perspective by leaping out of the canvas.
There really is nothing like seeing Rehfeld's paintings in person. The 6" image on the computer does not do justice to the actual 60" canvas. We invite you to view Rehfeld's paintings for yourself at The Studio Shop. The Purple Rose is currently displayed in the gallery window.