Friday, May 24, 2013

Great Ideas for Framing Kids' Art

It's the end of the school year and your child might be bringing home a year's worth of wonderful artwork.  Curating the household art gallery can be a difficult task when there is so much art to choose from and only a limited amount of wall space.  But there's an easy solution and that is to have a rotating gallery with picture frames with opening backs. That way you can rotate young Picasso's artwork in and out of picture frames and give each piece of art a chance to be displayed in the family art gallery.

Bold primary colors work beautifully when framing children's artwork.  These ready-made frames are made of bright anodized aluminum, have a white mat and an easily removable back for swapping artwork.  Fits 8x10 inch art or 11x14.
From $32 at the Studio Shop Annex.  These frames are ready to take home or can be customized with optional mat colors.

Here's a genius idea from Austin, Texas mom Natasha McRee and artist Morgan Kimble.  Acrylic frames with small magnets to hold the art in place -- makes it super easy to change the art. Available in two sizes, fits artwork up to 8 x 10 inches or 12 x 19 inches.  Starting at $40 at The Studio Shop Annex.

We also have many colorful moulding and mat options for custom framing of children's artwork, all colors of the rainbow and even pink glitter!

Another tip when framing kids' art is to use acrylic glazing instead of glass.  In a busy household acrylic won't break when bumped by running kids or an errant dodge ball.