Saturday, April 18, 2009

Event: Art of California

Bucolic scenery of the California coast , the Sierras and Napa Valley by Kathy O'Leary, Kevyn Warnock, Judy Sherman, Tom Soltesz and Susan Hoehn. as well as colorful and energetic inspirations by Kalani Engles, James Hartman and Pat Sherwood. Cityscapes by Jung Han Kim, Gladys Hoefer, Ron Donoughe and Bryan Mark Taylor.

O′Leary Late Light in the Vineyard, Oil on canvas, 30 x 50 inches.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Installation: Landscape Painters of California

Above, Gladys Hoefer, Bay View, Oil on canvas, 24 x 12 inches


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Video: How to Hang Art on Your Wall


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Event: Artist Reception - Dominique Caron

Artist Reception - March 27 - 6pm
Show runs March 19 thru April 4, 2009

Meet Dominque Caron and enjoy refreshments while viewing Caron's expansive collection of fresh, expressive works on canvas.
Dominique Caron approaches her canvases with color, vigor and joy. Originally from France, Dominique studied art at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeau and obtained her Masters of Fine Arts. She traveled for many years in Morocco, Rwanda, and the Ivory Coast. From her admiration of these cultures she created a body of work based on masks. She exhibited successfully in Africa and Europe and later moved to San Francisco where her works became larger, more varied in subject matter and even more colorful. Her work has been represented in many prominent galleries in Canada and the United States and is in major private and corporate collections.
Above, The Many Ways to Space, mixed media on canvas, 40 x 60 inches

Monday, March 9, 2009

Video: Dominque Caron's Process


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

About the Studio Shop

The Studio Shop and The Studio Shop Annex are Northern California's premier resource for fine art and fine custom picture framing. Both stores are committed to providing you with personal service, archival materials, and expert designs.

The Studio Shop in Burlingame is the oldest retail business, established in 1915, and has been operated by the Benson-Martin family since 1955. The Studio Shop Annex was added in 2008 to offer a more eclectic range of picture framing, art and gifts.

Full Service Framing
Both stores offer a full spectrum of picture framing services for enhancing family photos and memorabilia, protecting art collections and production framing for corporate accounts. While both stores have 1000's of moulding samples, we also offer a stunning collection of museum frames in period and contemporary styles, hand carved and hand gilded with 22k gold and white gold.

John Karl Claes, Bountiful Feilds, Oil on panel, 7 x 8 inches

Fine Original Art
The Studio Shop and Annex galleries offer exceptional fine original art by painters and sculptors from California and around the world, whether it be to enhance a corporate environment or add pleasure and perfection to a home setting.

Maya Eventov, Golden Sunset, Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 48 inches

Giving Back
The Studio Shop is proud to be part of a wonderful community and has taken an active role by providing both direct aid and goods and services, as well as implementing an employee matching program, to support fundraising efforts for local schools, arts groups and other non-profit organizations on the Peninsula.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exceptional Framing for Every Occasion

We offer moulding styles for every budget from simple black to welded steel and 22k gold museum frames. The Studio Shop has the largest moulding collection in Northern California. Expert designers will help you create stunning presentations for any of your artwork: family memorabilia, posters, business presentations and art collections.

Archival Framing
Protection and conservation of your artwork is our primary goal at The Studio Shop whether you are framing a valuable painting, an autographed baseball glove, family photos or your child’s artwork. The mats, mounting and glazing all affect the protection of your framed art or object.

Acid-free mats and backing boards are used exclusively at The Studio Shop. Inexpensive paper mats contain wood pulp which is acidic and can damage your artwork with brown staining, called foxing. There are acid-free boards that are made with alpha-cellulose wood product and neutralized with a calcium carbonate buffering agent. The buffered alpha-cellulose mats are available in a large variety of colors. The highest quality museum mats are available in fewer colors but are made with 100% cotton fibers, no wood pulp at all.

Oversized Art
Large art is not a problem at The Studio Shop where the skilled framers frequently handle such items as tapestries, Vintage European posters and mirrors. Oversize mounting of photos, posters and signs is made possible on the 48" x 96" heat press.

Create your own custom mirror in any size and with any moulding for those difficult walls in dining rooms, entry halls and bathrooms. You can even make an antique mirror with antiqued glass and a distressed frame. Mirror glass is available in any size and with many options including antiqued glass, bevels, double bevels, round and oval.

Flat Screen TVs
Make your flat screen television look like a piece of art with a custom frame that harmonizes with the furnishings in your room. Each installation is planned to accommodate the remote control and the cooling needs of the television. Adding specially coated two-way mirror creates an attractive mirror with minimal impact upon viewing.

Object Framing
Do you have a collection of arrowheads or an autographed baseball glove that you’re wondering how to display so that it is protected and easy to view? The Studio Shop has framed hundreds of objects, from autographed sports jerseys to computer hard-drives, so we have the experience necessary to tackle those hard-to-frame jobs.

Photo Frames
Get creative with your photographs by putting them in interesting photo frames from simple to museum quality: carved wood, decorated glass, bike chain, glitter, leather and exquisite gold leaf frames, too, leather. Add a pre-cut mat to dress it up.

For examples, please visit our website.