Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exceptional Framing for Every Occasion

We offer moulding styles for every budget from simple black to welded steel and 22k gold museum frames. The Studio Shop has the largest moulding collection in Northern California. Expert designers will help you create stunning presentations for any of your artwork: family memorabilia, posters, business presentations and art collections.

Archival Framing
Protection and conservation of your artwork is our primary goal at The Studio Shop whether you are framing a valuable painting, an autographed baseball glove, family photos or your child’s artwork. The mats, mounting and glazing all affect the protection of your framed art or object.

Acid-free mats and backing boards are used exclusively at The Studio Shop. Inexpensive paper mats contain wood pulp which is acidic and can damage your artwork with brown staining, called foxing. There are acid-free boards that are made with alpha-cellulose wood product and neutralized with a calcium carbonate buffering agent. The buffered alpha-cellulose mats are available in a large variety of colors. The highest quality museum mats are available in fewer colors but are made with 100% cotton fibers, no wood pulp at all.

Oversized Art
Large art is not a problem at The Studio Shop where the skilled framers frequently handle such items as tapestries, Vintage European posters and mirrors. Oversize mounting of photos, posters and signs is made possible on the 48" x 96" heat press.

Create your own custom mirror in any size and with any moulding for those difficult walls in dining rooms, entry halls and bathrooms. You can even make an antique mirror with antiqued glass and a distressed frame. Mirror glass is available in any size and with many options including antiqued glass, bevels, double bevels, round and oval.

Flat Screen TVs
Make your flat screen television look like a piece of art with a custom frame that harmonizes with the furnishings in your room. Each installation is planned to accommodate the remote control and the cooling needs of the television. Adding specially coated two-way mirror creates an attractive mirror with minimal impact upon viewing.

Object Framing
Do you have a collection of arrowheads or an autographed baseball glove that you’re wondering how to display so that it is protected and easy to view? The Studio Shop has framed hundreds of objects, from autographed sports jerseys to computer hard-drives, so we have the experience necessary to tackle those hard-to-frame jobs.

Photo Frames
Get creative with your photographs by putting them in interesting photo frames from simple to museum quality: carved wood, decorated glass, bike chain, glitter, leather and exquisite gold leaf frames, too, leather. Add a pre-cut mat to dress it up.

For examples, please visit our website.

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