Thursday, December 12, 2013

Art Groupings

Salon style
Arrangements of framed artwork create a special decorating touch in your home and needn't be difficult to make.  There are many ways to create art arrangements, but three basic types of wall groupings are the Grid, the Mosaic and the Salon.  


The Salon style is the loosest form and is derived from 19th century Paris salons where art was hung floor to ceiling, (before there were big screen televisions). Don’t be afraid to cover the wall. This is your chance to get creative and let the art sing. If done properly, the grouping can have a lyrical feel as your eye moves from one piece to the next.

With the Salon style it is okay to be completely eclectic or pick a theme or color for a more calming effect.

Hanging is best done by planning ahead by laying out your pieces on the floor to create an arrangement.  Take a picture of the arrangement with a phone or camera before you start putting them on the wall.  Be sure to measure your wall space beforehand to check that the art will fit.
Salon style with objects


The Mosaic art hanging differs from the Salon in that it is a little more formal.  The framed artwork is still of varied sizes and styles but with a more linear outline.  Begin creating your arrangement by laying your art on the floor and try to leave space of 2 - 4 inches between pieces.  You can then use masking tape on your wall to outline where the grouping will go.  This helps you visualize the end result and also serves as a guide when hanging. 

Grid arrangement

Grid patterns are made up of equal sized artworks like this collection of map lithographs. Hanging requires careful measuring and patience.  For tips about measuring and hanging art go to our How-to-hang-art page for instructions and a video.


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