Saturday, February 14, 2015

Picture Frame Challenge: The Magic of Magnets

A client brought us an interesting picture frame challenge recently. They had a collection of cookie cutters they wanted to display and they wanted to be able to take the cutters out and use them.  Okay, that's easy, we could fabricate a shadow box frame with a hinged door and mount the cookie cutters on pegs so that they would be removable. The second request was much more challenging.

The client also wanted the flexibility to add to their collection and change the arrangement of cookie cutters in the display case. Since the cutters are of different sizes and irregularly shaped it's not as simple as displaying them in rows three across. The solution called for the mounting pegs to be moveable. But how were we going to do that?

After considering various mounting methods such as velcro and clear acrylic I came up with the idea of magnetic pegs on a sheet metal backing. The metal was covered with silk fabric for an elegant appearance.

I also added rubber O-rings to give the magnetic pegs some grip.

Here's a view of pairs of magnetic pegs before adding the cookie cutters.  Hinged door closes with magnets embedded in the frame so there are no visible latches or handles.


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