Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Congratulations to Gary and Carl!

Congratulations go out to Studio Shop staff members Carl Martin, owner, and Gary Mohan, head framer, for receiving their Certified Picture Framer (CPF) accreditation from the Professional Picture Framers' Association (PPFA), the leading organization of picture framers in the U.S. and Canada.  The Studio Shop is now the only shop operating in the SF Bay Area with Certified Picture Framers on staff.  Gary and Carl took the CPF test at the annual PPFA convention in Las Vegas in January and received their awards yesterday, March 5, 2013.

While we are proud of them for proving their expertise, it really comes as no surprise since they have almost 46 years of picture framing experience between them.  Carl has been in the picture frame business now for 16 years.  And Gary has been at The Studio Shop almost 10 years and has been picture framing for almost 30 years!  Now that's experience!

The CPF test covers a wide range of picture framing knowledge from art identification to the selection of proper frame methods for long term preservation.  An oil painting on canvas gets a different rabbet liner than an acrylic painting on canvas.  A digital print from an HP printer needs to dry for up to two weeks before framing, whereas a print from an Epson printer can be framed after one day.  Whether framing a watercolor, pastel or needlepoint, they all have their unique properties that require special considerations.

Congratulations to Gary and Carl for showing your picture framing expertise.  Now how will they frame them?


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