Friday, March 1, 2013

Dominique Caron, March 1 - 16, 2013

Dominique Caron at The Studio Shop
Reception Saturday, March 2, 2013
2 - 6 PM

Dominique Caron’s show, Modern Primitive, opens today (March 1) at The Studio Shop.  These new paintings, all painted in the last year reveal a growing freedom of expression and thoughful abstraction. Dominique was in the gallery for a preview Thursday night and we had a chance to talk about her influences and inspiration for her paintings.
Dominique's video interview 
Dominique's bio
More about the show
Modern Primitive

The namesake of the show, Modern Primitive creates a rhythmic composition with the short crisp marks of bold black and red, eg., red triangle in lower center right, and the sophistication of calligraphic flourishes, eg., upper center.  The short marks like staccato percussion and the soft, curvy lines like violins develop a melodic interplay that is a timely reminder of Stravinsky's music for ballet, Rite of Spring (100 year anniversary this year) with its stunning counterpoint of brutal percussion and sweet melodies.

The Dance

The Dance conveys a sense of motion and time with the relationship of the dancer in upper right to the abstracted pattern in center.  The presence of the dancer opens the door to interpretion of movement of people and flowing gowns.  A story unfolds in the central abstraction  as if a long exposure photograph has recorded the path of the dancer.  It appears as if the dancer has her back turned to the viewer, receding into the background, the dance is completed.

Dominique describes Tapestry as fiery and organic.  A field of tangled wildflowers or the flames of a campfire dancing about.  Either way, there is movement and depth created by the weaving of colors, stems or flames.

We currently have 16 paintings by Dominique exhibiting at The Studio Shop and more available.  The show is up until March 16 with a public reception on Saturday afternoon, March 2.  Please stop by and visit.

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