Thursday, September 2, 2010

SS95: Daniel Phill

Traverse, 60” X 48”, Acrylic on canvas.

Comments by Daniel Phill:

This painting "Traverse" was submitted
to the show "Time and Place in the 21st Century" because it is a reflection of where and when it was painted. This piece is about the San Francisco Bay Area at the beginning of this century. It is a painting that is about an evolution and continuation of abstraction in the Bay Area. Updated and distilled (from what has come before it) into a new object for the 21st century. From roots in the 20th century, abstract painting has taken hold as a major force in the visual arts, not only in the S.F. Bay Area, but in places around the world.
My paintings are a process of exploration and discovery, including references to the land from an aerial view. A sense of place is established through abstracting the landscape as seen from above. This gives a sense of capturing time on canvas - by synthesizing and re-interpreting the view that was seen at the time the work was painted.
I believe the most complex emotions can be evoked from the simplest of forms, merging and emerging, interlocking and dividing. My vocabulary of color, shape, and texture are given form through movement. The gestures, marks, and scribbles found throughout my paintings are remnants of a process and journey, rather than simply compositional elements on a two-dimensional surface. The paintings evolve over the course of many layers of paint, obliterating and revealing past histories of thought and action.

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