Saturday, September 4, 2010

SS95: Joyce Savre

From the exhibition Time and Space

Words and Water, 48" x 36" , Acrylic on canvas

Comments by Joyce Savre:
The expansiveness of water is a spiritual event: the ocean is full of possibility, goes forever and suggests an eternity. You see the ocean, and you are never the same. If you swim in a lake or the ocean or a river, that place is a part of you forever. And though it is the same ocean, the same lake the same river, we know it is forever changing and we are moved by that too.

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  1. Beautiful commentary!
    Looking forward to celebrating the 95th Anniversary with y'all!
    - Jenny

  2. I'll post a piece of art or an historical Studio Shop document every other day or so during September, and I still won't get to it all. See you soon.