Monday, September 13, 2010

SS95: Nancy Torres

Tom the Tree, Oil on canvas

Nancy Torres examines the theme of Time and Place with this painting of the famous Tom the Tree which stood in front of Burlingame's Easton Branch Library for nearly 100 years.

Comments by Nancy Torres:  Most people love the trees in Burlingame. Our motto is “City of Trees”. I remember as a child driving under the canopy of Eucalyptus that used to run down Millbrae as well as Burlingame along El Camino. Millbrae cut theirs down to widen the street for modernization. Even as a child I thought that was dumb. I’m so happy Burlingame saved our beautiful giants along El Camino. One particularly large tree was in front of the Burlingame Easton Branch of the library. It was tremendously large. Recently the trunk and roots had grown so large that you had to cross to the wrong side of the street to drive around them. A debate began to remove it. In the grass roots battle to save the tree some named it “Tom”; I think to humanize it in hopes of tugging on heartstrings. No Luck. Tom came down anyway. Before he did, I spent a day with him to memorialize his grandeur. It is hard to believe, but this painting really is to scale.
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