Thursday, September 23, 2010

SS95: Dominique Caron

Adventure, Oil on canvas, 48" x 72"

Dominique Caron responded to the theme of time and place with a painting inspired by ancient graffiti in Europe and Africa.  Her layered marks and symbols reflect the collective human desire to leave a record for future generations.

Comments by Dominique Caron:

     The sense of passing time has been conveyed to me not so much by studying history but through a visual revelation of the humble graffiti of ancient travellers.
     When visiting famous ancient places, such the Hadrian Villa near Rome, a Portuguese fort on the coast of Africa, the Michel Montaigne tower/study in France and Lascaux and Altamira caves, I have been deeply touched by the graffiti left on the walls by generations of past visitors. They have left their marks in names and symbols, hearts, and humble crosses traced in charcoal, colored chalk, or carved deeply in the plaster, , overlapping each other in a collective cry of, “I was here!”
     What I have seen, in this pattern of interwoven words hanging over the walls, in their haphazard testimony, was a tribute to the interactions of men, famous and obscure, all wanting to leave their mark through the inexorable passing of time.
     When I paint and draw words in a still-life, landscape, or abstract painting, I leave them as a physical trace of a thought, attached to that very instant of the creative process.

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